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The oxheart-shaped fruits are medium in size and are pink in color and often have light green shoulders.  Green shoulders are very common with tomato plants that have wispy or minimal foliage cover to protect fruit from the sun, but it does not detract from the outstanding flavor. The flavor is excellent leaning towards the sweet end of the tomato scale, with a meaty yet juicy texture.  An excellent dual purpose tomato, good for both cooking and fresh eating.  The plant’s minimal foliage and wispy vines are typical of all oxheart-type tomatoes, but don't be put off by the delicate looking nature of this plant!  An early producer of rich, juicy fruit that grows in clusters of 2-3. The plant is also considered to be fairly resilient, able to withstand (and produce) in both hot and cold weather.  Russian heirloom.



SHAPE: Ox-heart

SIZE: Medium-Large

PLANT TYPE: Indeterminate

LEAF TYPE: Regular, wispy



  • Dark Red Award Winning tomato with Flavor to Match

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